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Hello, welcome to my Essex Beauty and Lifestyle blog.
Hello, welcome to my Essex Beauty and Lifestyle blog. Information about Love Life Lavish was founded in July 2018. My blog is written and created by myself. My name is Kelly Cranfied and I’m an Essex blogger.  Please take a look at my blog you will find my latest beauty treatments. Along with Lifestyle ideas, Restaurants plus places to Travel too. Not forgetting fabulous Fashion tips, and great discount codes.
Information about Love Life Lavish –  I will give you information about what’s on the high-street (with the occasional high-end treat). Fashion, Beauty, Travel, Well-Being, Restaurants and everything in between. You’ll find posts on my latest finds and discovers. About everything that goes down in the world, of a 40 year of women.
I have been with my husband Kevin for 20 years and married for 16 years. Having been blessed with my twins at the age of 22 Frank and Maya. They have blossomed into amazing young adults. I have had a colourful and busy life over the years with my babies. As they are reaching the age of 17 they do not need their mummy as much.
As I love helping, people to feel good about themselves. I’m always promoting my friend’s businesses. One of my friends suggested that I should do a blog. I promise that I am not doing this for financial gain. I have always wanted to do something like this for years. But, I never had the courage! Always, worrying what friends and family would say or just laugh at me. Feeling like I have hit a crossroads in my life with a hole that I need to fill. I Just want to be honest and try to give you the best advice. My Blog I hope to inspire and encourage you to go out and get what you want. Not letting anything or anyone holds you back.
So, that’s what Kelly Cranfield is all about. Bridging that gap between those dreams you have and your everyday realities. Here are my every day realities I love dressing up, always wearing what you want to wear. Never wanting to be a follower. Remember you are your own fashion!

you can never be to over dressed quote

I love being a plus size girl that’s been on a diet for the last 17 years. Owning far too much make-up for one face alone, as a new blogger that’s taking a life coaching course. I hope to help others achieve their life goals and confidence, by taking those first steps towards your dreams.
Thank for reading my post Information about Love Life Lavish
Love Life Lavish xx.
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