My review on waxing the bikini-line The Hollywood

My review on waxing the bikini-line The Hollywood

 My review on waxing the bikini-line The Hollywood

Most people are always nerves when you go to any salon and have your bikini-line waxed. As swimwear gets high and high, us girls need to do something drastic. Michelle at GLO always does my Bikini-line, expressing my concerns as I am going on holiday soon. She advised me to try The Hollywood. This means no hair at all. I was curious, so my next appointment, which was today, I chose to have GLO Beauty & Tanning Salon-The Hollywood.


Who Makes GLO Beauty & Tanning Salon Sparkle

Michelle Jones is the owner of GLO, having had the salon for 12 years. Michelle herself has been a therapist for 24 years. She is a fabulous therapist with so much knowledge. GLO Beauty & Tanning is a contemporary day spa and sunbed shop for women and men in Billericay Essex. There is free parking outside the salon.
Glo Beauty Spa & Tanning Salon
7 Radford Way, Billericay
Essex CM12 0AA
(opposite the train station)
T: 01277 658112



Arriving at GLO Beauty & Tanning Salon-The Hollywood

Walking into the GLO reception, I was greeted by a well-dressed receptionist/therapist. Her make-up and hair were on point, being a little early for my appointment. I was shown to the seating area, the lady then offered me a glass of ice cold water or a selection of coffees and teas. The waiting area was bright and cool. A pedicure station, and two floating cupboards with the Salons signature product which is Elemis. Above the pedicure station is a television. Informing you of special offers, plus details of all the Therapist’s, and much more. The other end of the shop is two manicure stations. Three floating cupboards behind the stations full of every colour of OPI Gels/vanishes.


Get A GLO On a Stand-Up Or Lay-Down Sunbeds

My review on waxing the bikini-line. The Hollywood

My review on waxing the bikini-line The Hollywood

GLO Beauty and Tanning Salon-The Hollywood
GLO has three stand-up beds and one lay-down sunbeds. A great selection of tanning creams to help you get the best tan. Make sure you look out for sunbed offers on their social media pages.

GLO Treatment Room & The Hollywood

 The Hollywood Bikini Line in Essex

Being greeted by Michelle, who lead me down a staircase. To a treatment room, on entire, I notice a shower. Straight away I asked Michelle, “If they did body treatment”s. Michelle informed me they did, so my next treatment will be a full body scrub.
Starting to feel nerves, as Michelle explained how The Hollywood Bikini Line In Essex was done. Michelle asked me to remove my underwear than to make myself comfortable on the treatment bed by laying on my back. I had one leg straight and the other pulled up bent at the knee before, resting it to one side so that my legs resembled a P or backwards P shape (if that’s even a thing) whilst the treatment was carried out.
Michelle then applied cream wax in a downwards direction starting from the top of the area and working downwards. She started just inside the line where your inner thigh starts/ends and worked her way inwards, removing the wax swiftly with a fabric strip. Please note that not all therapists ask for your underwear to be removed when carrying out this treatment. Also, not all therapists will use wax that requires a strip, some may use hot wax which sets and can be removed without a strip. It’s very much down to individual therapists in the salon and product preference,
After both sides of my intimate area had been waxed in the method described above (right side first, then left), I was then asked to get onto my hands and knees (on all fours) so that the therapist could get the underneath/ behind. I unbelievably found this to be the least painful part of the whole procedure and in honesty didn’t feel a thing.
After waxing, Michelle applied a soothing cream to take the sting down and cool the skin. I then got dressed! My bikini-line feels fresh and smooth, and hair free. Not worrying about my holidays or my swimwear now!

Costing & Aftercare – My review on waxing the bikini-line The Hollywood

The treatment cost £30.  It is advised that you have approximately four week’s hair growth, between waxes. With the after-care, you need to avoid heat, tanning, and perfumed products in the area for 48 hours.


My Advice

Wear loose clothing and comfortable underwear if you do decide to have a Hollywood wax as you might be sore after. It’s always better to be comfortable and not to irritate the area.
Redness, slight swelling and some bleeding (spots where the hairs have been removed) are all perfectly normal after waxing so don’t be alarmed if you have this immediately after. I did not have any redness, soreness or spots. To be honest, Michelle is the best person I have ever had to my waxing.
If you do find waxing painful, then maybe have ibuprofen and paracetamol before your appointment to ease the pain a little.
I am not a medically trained, so please seek advice from a professional. If you are taking any regular medications before having a Hollywood wax and thinking of taking painkillers beforehand.
I hope I have given you enough information and enjoyed my post: My review on waxing the bikini-line The Hollywood
Love Life Lavish XX

My review on waxing the bikini-line. The Hollywood

BEAUTY TREATMENTS - Promo Codes GLO Beauty & Tanning  - Hollywood Waxing  10%

BEAUTY TREATMENTS – Promo Codes GLO Beauty & Tanning  – Hollywood Waxing  10%



  1. Amber
    August 8, 2018 / 8:41 am

    Love Glo & Michelle is brilliant, I always thought a Hollywood would be soooooo painful 😬 xx

  2. August 11, 2018 / 6:00 pm

    I’ve never had a hollywood before but you’ve explained it so honestly and in detail, it doesn’t sound so bad!! Thanks for sharing 🙂 You can find my blog here: 🙂 x

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