Docking at Cadiz, Spain


Docking at Cadiz, Spain

Docking at Cadiz, Spain


Docking at Cadiz, Spain – From The Independence Of The Seas. The road in front of The Cruise Terminal is busy, but traffic lights make it easy and safe for crossing. (It takes about 5 minutes to walk to the town centre). Coming across a beautiful monument that, celebrates the founding of the 1812 Spanish constitution. One of the earliest in the world. In the centre of the plaza is a tall, central pillar of white marble. Surrounded by some shrubs and trees. Very Peaceful place, that takes your breath away, as you appreciate the history.

Docking at Cadiz Spain tips on what to do.

 Old Town. 

Docking at Cadiz, Spain – The old town, road splinters off into narrow streets. That lead to the centre and a couple of minor highways that, encompass the old town. At times, there were cars that would use the small road (In the above photo you can see, us walking on the road). This meant, we had to stand in doorways and, wait for them to pass safely.

Docking at Cadiz Spain tips on what to do.

 Spanish Lady. 

Docking at Cadiz, Spain – My husband (Kevin) made me aware of a beautiful Spanish lady, who was looking over her stunning balcony. The Lady’s balcony was full of plants and flowers, she waved and, blow kisses at us, from her balcony. Asking “her if I could take her picture”. She Nodded yes I took some pictures of her. I wanted to share them with you, as she melted my heart.
Docking at Cadiz Spain tips on what to do.
Docking at Cadiz, Spain – The Old town Cadiz is a collection of plazas joined by a series of narrow streets. Nominally, the ‘main square’ would be Plaza San Juan de Dios which is home to the Ayuntamiento (council) building or the Plaza de la Cathedral, but plazas Candelaria, Mina, and San Antonio could be considered your focal points too.
Starting from Plaza San Juan de Dios, it is a short walk through the shopping district to the Cathedral. Walking up the Campania to Plaza Libertas, home to one of the oldest indoor markets in Spain.
Docking at Cadiz Spain tips on what to do.

Docking at Cadiz, Spain

 The Market.

You can get some lovely souvenirs in the market or, in the shops that was very reasonable. The whole market was surrounded by beautiful shrubs, trees, and flowers. The streets of Cadiz, are very clean with no rubbish. I never saw Zara, but I was informed that Zara is in the new shopping plaza. (gutted)

Docking at Cadiz Spain tips on what to do.

 The Beach. 

Playa La Caleta Beach – have won plenty of awards, including being recognized as one of Europe’s best urban.  A popular beach with, both tourists and locals. There was a very busy Yoga class on the beach, underneath a wooden cabana. I’m afraid that I did not see, any sun-loungers that you could hire. (This photo was taken at 10.30 am in the morning. Just to give you a guide to how busy the beach gets in the summer months)

Docking at Cadiz Spain tips on what to do.

 Other Day Trips.

I have found this website that has so much to offer, lots of trips at great prices.
Cadiz Shore Excursion: City Sightseeing Cadiz City Hop-on Hop-off Tour – While, you’re in port in Cadiz, explore the city with a 24-hour ticket aboard this City Sightseeing tour hop-on-hop-off bus. FROM £16.25 PER PERSON.
Hiking Day Trip to La Garganta Verde and Zahara de la Sierra from Cádiz – Experience Cádiz’s natural beauty on this private hiking day trip to La Garganta Verde and Zahara de la Sierra, from Cádiz. Go on a 2-hour adventure hike through La Garganta Verde, a stunning gorge inside Grazalema Natural Park. The trail crosses a deep river, so swimming know-how, waterproof shoes, and swimsuits. FROM £128 PER PERSON.
Cadiz Shore Excursion: Small Group Cadiz Sightseeing Tour, Jerez Horse Show and Sherry Tasting. –  Drive to the city of Jerez, famous for Andalusian horses. With your guide, visit Jerez’s Moorish fortress, the Alcazar, and enjoy a live horse performance. Then sample some of the region’s finest sherry. While nibbling on a selection of typical Spanish tapas. FROM £131.45 PER PERSON.
I honestly loved the old building and the people were lovely.
I hope you have enjoyed my post Docking at Cadiz, Spain. You may be interested in my other post on The Royal Caribbean
Love Life Lavish xxx.
Docking at Cadiz Spain tips on what to do.



  1. September 18, 2018 / 7:53 am

    Such a fun little post, definitely adore those pictures! spain is a place i have always dreamed of going it’s absolutely stunning, the old buildings and just everything!

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    Great pics, love reading your posts xx

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    I hear only good things abiut Cadiz and really think I will add it to my bucket list!
    Your pictures really convinced me to!
    And you’re right, the lady on the balcony seems really lovely!

  5. September 18, 2018 / 8:47 am

    Oh wow this looks so lovely! No wonder you had a wonderful time 😊 and that Spanish lady is so cute! Look at her waving bless ❤️ Xo

  6. September 18, 2018 / 9:22 am

    Your blogpost really show the spirit of Spain!

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    Looks fabulous. I’ll definately visit xxx

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    Great post. Looks like a lovely place and definitely somewhere to visit !

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    Wow, absolutely beautiful! This looks like a wonderful place to visit! Thanks for sharing your journey.

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    You describe every place you visit in such a lovely way that I want to go everywhere you’ve been!

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    Looks and sounds absolutely amazing xx

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    The little old lady sounds adorable ❤️
    Sounds beautiful xxxx

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    Beautiful descriptions of your travels. Keep them coming gorgeous xxx

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