Younique Makeup Review in Essex

Younique Makeup Review in Essex

Hello Lovelies,  Welcome to my Thursday post, Younique Makeup Review in Essex. 
However, I have written about Younique skin care, in the past. I’m going to offer you my review on Younique Makeup. Not all modern women/men are experts at makeup (including myself) nor want to devote hours in the beauty halls. This is undoubtedly where I carefully investigate and graciously assist you!
I need to explain, that I am not going to get into the business side of Younique Makeup. I’m only reviewing their products that Michelle a brand rep from Younique. Wanted to showcase, by kindly doing my makeup.
Younique represents a unique brand that is typically distributed by independent presenters. I genuinely love supporting women or men. On a quest to manage their own businesses. Candidly, these organic products do not receive the credit they rightfully deserve. I’m going to break it down for you. On my review only the good bad and just ok.

Younique Makeup Review in Essex


Every makeup artist is different. Michelle started promptly with a gentle cleanser and moisturizer. Along with a Touch Glourious face primerNext, was to proper colour matched my skin with Younique Touch Stick foundation. This is their best seller, which is typically out of stock. Due to its full coverage that leaves your skin with a velvety finish. It’s a three in one unique product. Use as a concealer, contouring or just a full coverage foundation. It’s one of my star buys!Younique Makeup Review in Essex


Gently brushing over my face with breach front bronzer. There is three shade to choose from. Michelle only had the lightest colour available for me to use. It was a little light, for myself. I  would recommend the shade medium for a darker glow. Then the blusher. The Moonstruck pressed blusher was applied to create a more youthful look leaving you with a flawless-looking finish. I used stunning – matte bright pink.

Younique Makeup Review in Essex


By far my favourite product, these are truly amazing! They’re pigmented, like a dream smooth and, easy to apply. With no fallout, lasted all day. This is another product that is sold out!  The Moonstruck Addiction shadow palette – my star buy.

Younique Makeup Review in Essex


Younique makeup started with just their Mascara. I liked the feel on my lashes as I suffer from hayfever and my eyes are also sore. That’s why I use Russia Lashes, instead of mascara as I’m also rubbing my eyes. But I have to say that the mascara is nice and does separate and lengthen, but it’s definitely a day-time. Maybe a black would be better for a more dramatic look. The Highlighter is nice, but for the price, there are better ones on the market

Younique Makeup Review in Essex


I genuinely love this lipliner! So much that I have even ordered it for myself. Its called Pouty – Moonstruck Precision pencil lip liner. You may find it a little expensive, at a cost of £12.00, but honestly – I have typically bought cheap liners before and they are completely horrid! Definitely a star buys. To finish Michelle used Moonstruck splash liquid lipstick. Glided over my lips and left them feeling soft and hydrated, but sadly this is not last long on my lips.

Younique Makeup Review in Essex

My last thoughts, that I will leave you with. I am pleasantly surprised, these makeup products are for everyday women. I would not purchase every product, but you can see I have my star buys. I would like say a huge thank you to Michelle from Younique for taking the time to create a day look for me. When typically doing my own makeup, of course, I typically enjoy a more dramatic look.
Well, that’s all, for now, I hope this Younique Makeup Review in Essex has been helpful?
Disclaimer, I have not been paid to write for any unique brands featured in this post







  1. May 16, 2019 / 3:47 pm

    That’s a great review Kelly. It’s good to read something so honest. I don’t wear makeup at all, but I have been curious about Younique in the past as someone I know sells it.

      May 16, 2019 / 4:13 pm

      Hi marie

      Thank you so much for your comment I’m glad put your curiously to rest


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