What are Henna Brows

What are Henna Brows

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Welcome to my beauty review on What are Henna Brows. In this post, you will receive full information on fabulous treatment from start to finish. Including, prices and who done my treatment.
Henna tinting remains a unique treatment that naturally involves staining the skin and brow hair. But it’s different from the normal eyebrow dye that you would typically use in eyebrow tinting. As it’s not a dye that contains peroxide like regular brow tint. Henna Brows are natural and derived from plants. Therefore, it is safe to use on the majority of skin types. (But I would still recommend a patch test.)
As there are undoubtedly lots of different eyebrow treatments, and some people are not ready for the permanency of brow tattooing. This is why this tinting treatment is a fabulous option for you to typically see if you appreciate the results. Plus it will undoubtedly save you time typically applying your makeup.
My treatment was performed by a qualified and fully insured brow artist, LBD Lashed by Dionne. If you are Essex based you can have this treatment done in the comfort of your home for only £20.00. Below you fine before and after photos.
Before and After photos on What are Henna Brows

Before and After photos on What are Henna Brows

What are Henna Brows?

Henna powder and mixed with water to a desired depth of colour and soaked the skin and hair in a pre-determined shape. The whole treatments can usually take  30 to 40 minutes. Plus there is an array of different shades of tint you can choose from.
To start Dionne mapped my eyebrows by marking my brows to get the correct shape.
Firstly, the henna was left on for three minutes. Then more henna is added for six minutes. Finally, the   Henna mixed again and added to my brows for another fifteen minutes.

How Long Does Brow Tinting Last?

This will all depend o your skin-type. Normally Henna lasts between two to three weeks. But if you have oily skin or use active ingredients in their skincare. Your colour will fade away faster.

Would I Have This Treatment Again?

As I looked into the mirror I was happy with the results of my eyebrows. But I would be going a shade darker next month. I felt no pain or redness, in-fact, it was a relaxing treatment. I am already booked in with Dionne for next month.

Check out my short video of me getting my Henna Brows done. Link is below.


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  1. October 25, 2019 / 10:15 pm

    I like the before picture better. The henna brows are very nice but not as natural looking.

      October 27, 2019 / 11:25 am

      Hi lovely

      Thank you for commenting I always have to tint my brows so the first couple of day they are dark

      But after that they are perfect and last so much longer then tint xx

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