Information about Mamma Mia The Party Review

Information about Mamma Mia The Party Review

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Truly an amazing theatrical and dining experience, this post on Information about Mamma Mia The Party Review. That is occupied at  O2 in London. That has been naturally extended till June 2020. Nothing can prepare for what’s in store for you. As you enter step through doors and are instantly transported to a Greek Island of Skopelos. Being blown away with the decor. As we were greeted by a charming hostess who carefully guided us to our table number 20 and 21 which was on the stage area. Attention to detail is incredible at Nikos Taverna. From the walls that are painted that traditional blue and decorated tables are carefully laid with checked cloths and a Mezze awaiting you with plates as you stuck in straight away.

Information about Mamma Mia The Party Review


Selection of Olives.

Vine Cherry Tomatoes With Mint & Balsamic dressing.

Home Baked Bread Basket.

Roasted Red Pepper Hummus.



Information about Mamma Mia The Party Review: We were given a welcome drink and sat down at our decorated table. My eager eyes were still wandering around the extraordinary room. A beautiful fountain realistically was in the centre of a massive decorated room, with a band that plays background music. Everyone seemed relaxed and happy with waiters and waitresses serving tasteful starter platters. Our attentive waiter explained to us their delicious menu and that show will be in-between courses. Plus you can order as much as you naturally want.

Mamma Mia The Party - Review - starters


Traditional Greek Salad.

Charred Octopus With Ouzo

Spanakopita. – Spinach Pie.

Information about Mamma Mia The Party Review, they composed greek music got louder! Attentive waiters and waitresses started to dance professionally and sing joyously. We were then introduced, to Niko’s and his beautiful wife kate. This successful show is typically based around a forbidden love (I’m not going to give too much away to you!).
We were encouraged to sing along have fun and enjoy the live show with Abba’s greatest hits.


Lamb Kleftiko & Confit Garlic With Salsa.

Beef Flank With Mediterranean Sauce & Chargrilled Vegetables.

Mamma Mia Party - Review - mains

As you promptly eat your main course, you instantly notice that Niko’s tavern has naturally gone from day-to-night. One of my favourite part of the animated show is where an acrobatic emerges triumphantly from the decorative fountain on a hoop.

Mamma Mia The Party - Review


Portokalopita Orange Cake With Confit Orange & Yoghurt.

Tea Or Coffe With Baklava.

I must correctly say that their food was fiery and delish. I enthusiastically embraced my whole experience so much so, that I‘m will be returning to Mamma Mia Party – Review in March with my family. But I will be sitting in a different area. As I willingly paid £140.00 for a seat on the stage area. This time I‘ve willingly paid £95.00, Im thinking that I may be placed upstairs. But to be fair wherever you are placed you will a truly fabulous have an Abba good time with an excellent view. When coming to its end of an ultimate end, they cleared the tables off its dance floor, and a platform stage is placed in its middle. The musical performers get all glammed up again and then the party really begins.

Mamma Mia The party at the 02

Please do not hesitate to ask me any questions about this event. I’m always happy to help.
Thank you for reading my review on Mamma Mia Party – Review. You may also like to read Brigit’s Bakery Boozy Afternoon Tea or Afternoon Roslin Beach Hotel Essex.


K xxx.

Information about Mamma Mia The Party Review.

Information about Mamma Mia The Party Review.

Mamma Mia The party at the 02


  1. Lisa
    February 6, 2020 / 7:15 pm

    Was such a good afternoon with friends xxx

      February 6, 2020 / 7:38 pm

      It was lovely such a funny day can not wait for the next one xx

  2. Debbie Walsh
    February 6, 2020 / 10:11 pm

    Fabulous review, have booked to go the this at the end of march and can’t wait, but after reading your review I’m even more excited.


      February 6, 2020 / 10:14 pm

      Honestly deb you are going to love it xx

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