Brow Lamination in Essex Review

What is Brow Lamination Essex Review

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Kindly welcome to my Monday morning beauty review, on Brow Lamination in Essex Review. A truly must-have beauty trend. That is essentially a perm for the brows, as well of naturally creating and carefully setting a uniformed shape that should last up to six delightful weeks. But instead of curling the fierce brows, the setting lotions help’s your brows to stay brushed up and carefully lifted for you to unique style as you desire.
What is Brow Lamination Essex Review

Brow Lamination in Essex Review

What happens In This Treatment.

The Treatment has four stages. Glo Beauty & Tanning use Hi Brow Lamination. Which has been expertly designed by beauty best in the industry and remain the excellent product to put on the brow. You can also use the amazing tint to finish this treatment.

What is Brow Lamination Essex Review - glue

Cleanser & Adhesive.

  • FIXING BROW IN PLACE – After you are comfortable on the heated couch. Brows are ethnically cleansed and gently wiped to dry. At that time they used a fixing adhesive, this helps to carefully secure the brows in the chosen shape. Making sure every visible hair correctly is in the proper place.

 Brow Lamination in Essex Review- Review three steps

Step One

  • RELAXING: The Styling lotion is then applied to the brows. This instantly makes them softer and more malleable. This is typically committed at length between six to twelve valuable minutes.
What is Brow Lamination - Review Step Two

What is Brow Lamination Essex Review

Step Two.

  • SETTING BROWS IN PLACE – When the timer went off. The qualified therapist carefully removed Step One traditionally using damp cotton pads. Then making sure they are still stuck down. Step Two Lotion was properly applied to the area. For the same amount of necessary time as the Step One Lotion.


Amazing Tint.

  • QIC TINT. After the timer went off again. The Step Two lotion was removed by damp cotton pads. Then dried, after this, the gorgeous tint is properly applied. These tints can be carefully tailored to all hair shades and are super quick to develop taking half the modern time of a normal tint.
What is Brow Lamination - Review Step Three

Brow Lamination in Essex Review

Step 3 Beautiful Brow.

  • SERUM – The lamination one more step. Typically using a serum that traditionally has keratin, this is properly applied to the fierce brows. Therefore, this specific product undoubtedly helps to hydrate and properly nourish the brow hair.
What is Brow Lamination - Review

Brow Lamination in Essex Review


It’s understandable for the next 24 hours. Simply all you need do is to take care of your brows. As you do not want to naturally get the fierce brows wet, So Please naturally avoid steambaths and saunas. After 24 hours you can typically treat the brow as you would normally.
What is Brow Lamination - Review

What is Brow Lamination Essex Review


I had this amazing treatment done at Glo Beauty and Tanning in Billericay Essex. The treatment took about 50 minutes. Just a heads up if you haven’t had a tint before, at Glo, you will need a patch test.

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