No Toxins Haircare – Review

No Toxins Haircare - Review

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Kindly welcome to Beauty Monday, Therefore, this glorious week my blog post will be about No Toxins Haircare – Review. MONAT is one of the best premium hair care companies in the U.S., and it’s now launched in the U.K.
You are probably like me, that I had never heard of MONAT of before. Until I started to follow Danielle Troyer on Instagram. She is apart of the MOANT team and offers you discounts and giving information on the products and even extra money by joining her growing team.
MONAT do not just trade haircare they also sell Skincare and even Petcare. Danielle Kindly gifted me a volumizing revive shampoo and Conditioner for me to review and properly inform you guys. Therefore, I will be only writing about these two products. I’ve been naturally using these two haircare products for 2 weeks now.

No Toxins Haircare – Review

Volumizing Revive Shampoo

No Toxins Haircare - Review  Volumizing Revive Shampoo

The bottle is very sleek and stylish. The Volumizing Revive Shampoo that helps increase hair density, strength and of course manageability. The shampoo that is a gentle volumising cleanser that will give you body to your limp fine hair. This shampoo is safe to use on coloured or chemically treated hair including hair extension.


  • Gently squeeze the shampoo into your hand.

  •  Apply to wet hair.

  • Leave on 2-3 minutes.

  • Rinse.


No Toxins Haircare - Review.



  • Pea Extract, this is a high-tech blend supports healthy, younger-looking hair. That indeed prevents UV damage and environmental.


  • A unique blend of 13 plus natural plant and essential oils that is rich in omega fatty acids, antioxidants and essential nutrients. That is founded in skin and hair.


  • An emollient blend that helps to sufficiently protect the scalp, naturally strengthen and thicken the hair. While increasing hairs density.


  • This organic product undoubtedly helps to fight professionally against the fierce sun’s extensive damage. Plus it also helps preserves the natural pigmentation of the lovely hair, that carefully keeps the strands protected and strong.


MONAT Haircare UK- Review

No Toxins Haircare – Review

MONAT Intense Repair 


MONAT Haircare UK- Review

A lavish Intense Repair Conditioner, that naturally stimulates the scalp and helps boost hair growth. Infused with REJUVENIQE and an incredible boost of CAPIVL, this innovative product properly provides intense conditioning and necessary protection. You can use with coloured treated hair.


  • Use after your shampoo.

  • Squeeze a tiny amount on to your hand.

  • Then massage into wet hair and scalp.

  • Leave in the hair and scalp for 5 minutes then rinse.


No Toxins Haircare - Review.

FINAL THROUGHS – No Toxins Haircare – Review

The winter is so drying to our hair. So MONAT has been a welcome change, to my normal hair care routine We are worried about using harmful toxins in our products. That why? this brand is a triumph. As there are no nasty ingredients in MONAT. The shampoo did feel more like a cleanser and my hair and scalp felt cleans. However, my hair did feel dry. The conditioner was lovely I loved this product as soon I massage this into my hair. My hair felt amazing and soft with a beautiful shine. I have been using for 2 weeks and my hair does feel stronger. Not sure about the hair growth as it’s still early day.
No Toxins Haircare - Review.


No Toxins Haircare - Review.


I hope you enjoyed my blog post on No Toxins Haircare – Review BEFORE AND AFTER. You may also like to read Designer inspired fragrances – Scented Beauty or Benefits of Hopi Ear Candle


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