Press on Nails With Glue – Review

Press on Nails With Glue - Review

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Welcome to my beauty post on Press on Nails With Glue – Review. Growing up press on tips were very limited to short french manicures. Or just plain and boring, that never stayed on longer than an hour. Therefore, this is why I always avoided press on nails. However, times have definitely changed. The gorgeous LBD got in contact with me and asked if I would carry out a review on their Press on Nails With Glue – Review. That is only £20.00, of course, jumped to the chance and waited for my manicured tips to arrive.

Before lockdown, as you may typically know, that I undoubtedly work at GLO Beauty & Tanning in Billericay. Therefore, repeatedly getting my nails done. As we all know that beauty salon has been closed because of COVID-19 for three months.

Press on Nails With Glue - Review
Hence were these press-on nails going to really make a difference? Well, I’m delighted to properly report to you a big FAT YES! Let’s fast forward now: My tips has been on for 5 days. The nails are super easy to do and you get that instant manicure. This press-on is a game-changer for me, as I can not have long nails in the salon this is an amazing alternative. 

LBD offer different shapes, designs and lengths.








Press on Nails With Glue – Review

Nails and Lash artist LBD, know as @lbdlashesbydionne on Instagram. She loves creating bespoke lashes and nails, that will customize the look and shape, and sizes for her clients – I love the custom look because no two people have the same designs. Press-on’s are quick, way and of course hassle-free.

When they arrived they came in a beautiful black box along with glue, orange stick and file. The light pink as almond and the dark pink with glitter are coffin.

Press on Nails With Glue - Review

Barbie Pink With Glitter Nails And Almond Shape.


Press on Nails With Glue - Review

Dark Pink Glitter and Coffin Shape.

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