Make Up From Amazon Review

Make Up From Amazon Review

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Welcome to my new blog post on Make Up From Amazon Review. One great thing about lockdown! For me was Amazon and checking out all the different Makeup. Having so many to choose from then checking out there reviews. But you can not always count on their reviews, as I have found out. This online website is of course home to thousands of amazing products. Whether it’s a new kettle or Beauty products. It’s probably safe to write you should find what you are looking for. But did you know it also stocks some amazing under-the-radar beauty brands?

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Make Up From Amazon Review

I’ve totally become an Amazon addict!  It only feels right that I’m going to try, test and review products that you probably never of heard of them.
I would like to state that I have paid from these makeup products.

Make Up From Amazon Review

COTY Airspun Loose Face Powder Translucent

Make Up From Amazon Review airspun loose powder

The loose powder is packaged in a plastic see-through tub, with an orange deep lid. The powder also comes with its very own fluffer, for you to use to apply the powder. ( I personally like to use a beauty blender).I bought my powder for £12.37  from my prime account.
On using the powder, my skin felt and looked fabulous! It looked smoother almost photoshopped. Super easy to use as it works amazingly for fake baking under the eyes. With no harsh lines as there is no silicon in the powder.

The powder lasted well all day it was only around my nose area it cracked a little. My cheeks and forehead were still looking on point.
I would totally recommend giving this loose powder a go. However ft you have very greasy skin.  Maybe you would be better using another powder.
WOULD I BUY AGAIN?  Yes, it’s powder and I was happy with the results.


BEEXY Full Cover Smooth Liquid Foundation and Mushroom Head Makeup Sponge Set, Long Lasting Waterproof Ivory.

Make Up From Amazon Review beexy foundation

Make Up From Amazon Review beexy foundation

I bought this foundation with no reviews. I think that’s where I went wrong- LOL. When reviewing this product online there is so much information. However, there is going to be a big BUT! On opening the beauty product, the information on the box was Chinese. As I pull the glass bottle open the foundation was nearly white. You also receive a mushroom head makeup sponge
Now I like a full coverage foundation as I suffer from pigmentation and spots. The BEEXY foundation is defiantly not going the help with these skin problems. The foundation smells and even goes on like the TCI.

I would not recommend this product, but I must say it’s a fabulous primer, as it sits in the fine lines very well. But as for a foundation, it’s not the best.

WOULD I BUY AGAIN? BEEXY states that is a coverage foundation, I would not even rate it a 5. But as a primer it’s great. Sadly no I won’t be purchasing anything else from BEEXY.


A lovely Contour Palette with a magnification mirror. This product has lots of positive reviews on its page. The kit includes four highly pigment matte contour makeup colours from light to dark skin tones. The product state that it is long-lasting? To be honest it stays on just as well as Sleek makeup
Totally in love with this matte lipstick set, from soft to vivid colours. The lipstick guiles over the lips for every day or night look.  The packaging is nice, but the lipstick case fell cheap as they are very light. Not like a MAC lipstick. Therefore this is reflected in the cost.
I’m very sensitive to lip products, so making sure I checked all the ingredients. No harmful substances and they don’t irritate your lips.
  • WATER.
If you are not happy they will issue you a money-back guarantee.

WOULD I BUY AGAIN? YES: Finally, lip colours that last! They may not feel as moisturising as normal lipsticks. But the colours last for hours. If your lips get a little dry you could use a lip balm (only if you don’t like the dry look)



Make Up From Amazon Review, the mascara was easy to apply, after 2 or maybe 3 layers it then looked amazing and a fabulous colour (midnight black). The eye maker pen is simply fabulous that glides over the eyelid. That is easy to apply, I do suffer from sensitive eyes due to hayfever, and I’m happy to report I had no irritation with either of the products.

  • Pack contains 1X Mascara and 1X Eyeliner Pen.
  • +93% extra volume with this mascara. (I agree with this statement).
WOULD I BUY AGAIN? Yes, I love the applicator on the mascara. It’s thick and lavish and coats the lashes beautifully.

Tattoo Eyebrow Pen With Fork Tip.

Tattoo Eyebrow Pen With Fork Tip FROM AMAZON

This is a must-have item, that needs to be in your makeup bag. I was blown away by this eyebrow pen. As my eyebrow, I’m embarrassed to the state are very fair. I have almost tried every eyebrow product on the market. Paying that the eyebrow will last. After trying brow pencils, pomades, tints and I’ve even had my brow microblading (painful).
Finding this wonderful gem on amazon. I do like to do my research on products and the reviews on this were fabulous. Like anything, you should also read the instructions. The pen is a nice weight in the hand.
I glided it across my brows following my eyebrow pattern with a gentle brush movement.

The pigment/ink is great but you may want to avoid using too much but only if you want a more natural look. My brows lasted all day and smudge-proof.
WOULD I BUY AGAIN?  This is a big fat YES!. My star buys.



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    July 1, 2020 / 4:39 pm

    Love the lips sticks. Good to see what the colour actually looks like

      July 17, 2020 / 9:41 am

      Thank you so much for your lovely comment xx

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