Escape Room Experience Around London

Escape Room Experience Around London

Hello Lovely,

I’m super excited to be willingly sharing this blog post on Escape Room Experience Around London. Its was an impressive experience and enormous fun and laughter. If you fancy doing something unique with dear friends or your family, around London. Then In that case, you genuinely need to keep on reading this post. I undoubtedly know that lot of us are worrying about typically doing activities inside due to Covid. Therefore, this Escape room is absolutely a happy alternative. By doing a escape from outside around London. Sight seeing along the way and getting some wonderful photos.

Escape Room Experience Around London - pudding lane

Escape Room Experience Around London – pudding lane

Information On Escape Room Experience Around London

AIM Escape Rooms are based in the dear heart of London. They traditionally offer you revolutionary escape rooms, that can ideally suit all ages. From an excellent choice of ultimate challenges, with fabulous Props and 3D interactive pad. We were kindly gifted this unique experience by AIM Escape Rooms. To accurately deliver you an honest review for you. Our Mission was called W.I.S.E an independent, International, intelligence, Organization that are here to guard the world against imminent danger.

Secret Misson 

 A secret research company called Spider Technologies, have sufficiently developed an infectious virus  (extremely fitting). That can alter the world. You are naturally giving two 120 minutes to sufficiently complete the specific task. Which efficiently is to naturally obtain the effective antidote to promptly stop Spider Tech!

Escape Room Experience Around London - meeting the AIM EVENTS MEMBER

When booking your Escape Room Experience Around London. Choose your date and time, there were 4 us, that’s a of £80.00. We will typically receive a confirmation email properly informing you that you genuinely need to contact some with red glasses and naturally give them a code word of HONEY POT.

Escape Room Experience Around London

Escape Room Experience Around London

This was so hilarious, and you undoubtedly have no clue. If you are speaking to the genuine person. After that you are correctly given your specific mission. Along with a 3D interactive pad and a back-pack full of goodies. We were also informed not to genuinely believe anyone along the way. (which instantly added to more joyous excitement).

Escape Room Experience Around London - working as a team

Escape Room Experience Around London – working as a team

I’m not going to give to much away as then there is no point in doing this activity. All I’m going to say is that is was a full pack day that lasted about Two and half hours. We walked around London and went to some beautiful spots that I dd not even know existed. I’m happy to report that we completed our mission with 10 minutes spare. 

I would like to say a huge thank you so AIM  Escape for gifting this activity. That I rate 10/10 specially if you want to see new bits of London. Its walking no trains or buses. Also thank you to my hubby Kevin, Georgia and Charlie for coming along I would of been lost without you!

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Until next time my lovely.


K xxx.


Escape Room Experience




  1. Kim Connor
    October 1, 2020 / 5:48 pm

    Looks good for all ages, to enjoy fresh air and London land marks. We do have a beautiful city

      October 1, 2020 / 8:02 pm

      It’s was great thank you for commenting xx

    • Amber
      October 2, 2020 / 4:41 am

      This looks great Kelly, such a great way to see London! Imagine after a few vinos lol x

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