Yes, I had Covid-19

Yes, I had Covid-19

Hello, Lovely,

This is going to be a completely different post that I will be writing today. As I am sincerely wanting to properly inform you that Yes, I had Covid-19. Therefore, I will be providing you with my honest review in giving you covid 19 information, on my day by day and specific symptoms of this horrible virus that has changed and upset all our day by day lives.
For me, I have found no one really admits to having the virus, nor speaks out “Yes, I had Covid-19. Not many people know that my Dad and my late father-in-law, both have cancer. Hence, I’m constantly wanting to be careful as for me it has always been about sheltering them. As I work as a Beauty Therapist at Glo Beauty & Tanning so making sure that I properly use the right PPE is essential.
Yes, I had Covid-19 – Symptoms.
The most common question, I get typically asked is “where do, you think you got it from” Honestly, I have no idea. But I did go out to dinner with six dear friends not drinking just a catch up for 2 hours. Out of the six of us, five tested positive for the infectious virus within a week of seeing each other. Each one of us displayed various symptoms.
When the first lockdown unfortunately happened I was terrified, not wanting to see love ones. But after time I naturally became complaisance, not worrying about Covid. As I did not know of anyone that had contracted it. But at the end of September 2020, I came down with a coldno temperatureno cough and no loss of smell or taste. As my dear father in law needed more help. We wisely decided as a family that my hubby would undoubtedly live with his parents as I did not want to pass anything on to them.

Feeling Helpless

On the 2nd of October, my friend had informed me that she had felt sickly, plus had most of the symptoms. Not identifying this message until leaving work, at this time I felt fine just a slight headache. Which I put it down to stress and worry over our Dads. As a treatI ordered Chinese delivery for myself. That’s when panic set in! Not to be able to taste a thing or smell. Feeling sick to my stomach as I rang my husbandfamily and boss to inform everyone as I knew that Yes, I had Covid-19.

Yes, I had Covid-19 - text from test centre


The next morning I went on the Government Website for testing. Managing to naturally get a drive-through test at Stansted Airport. At 9 am. The whole experience of the test centre was good organised. Driving up to the test centre, looking at all the planes at a standstill. In the back of my mind, I was thinking. It’s the closest I will get to a holiday this year – LOL.

The Test Centre

The test centre was very organised. With people directing you, to the collect post. Someone was there with a covid test, they passed through the car window. (I was not allowed to take any photos).
Having the swob stick thing in my hand. I carefully placed it a the back of my throat for 10 seconds. Then with the same swob carefully putting up just one nostril for 10 seconds. (GROSS) When I had properly completed the specific test gently putting the swob in a standard bottle and sealing it in a double bag. Driving to an exit, I gently placed the test in a private box. 
Yes, I had Covid-19 - My Bedroom

Yes, I had Covid-19 – My Bedroom

On the drive home, massive guilty undoubtedly fell over me. The tears were streaming down my face. Because of the upset, I undoubtedly knew I would cause everyone. Sincerely meaning the family friend working the list goes on. I‘m delighted to report that my only family member that had covid was my dear daughter and she also isolated in her private room. Therefore, when I got home, isolating to my room and my two incredible twins took control of the house – please do not panic they are 19 years old.

DAY 1 

No Smell or Taste.



Therefore getting myself comfortable in my loungewear. Along with flowing water and Sudafed tablets. As my head and sinuses were extremely painful. I willingly spend the day genuinely trying to relax and sleep. But this was hard to undoubtedly do, so I naturally spent the day on the phone speaking to family and friends. At this pointI secured no official confirmation that I was even positive for the specific virus. However, deep down I undoubtedly knew in my heart that I had it. Instantly getting that gut feeling of anxiousness.  

Covid-19 getting your comfortable


No Smell Or Taste.




Not sure if it was the genuine feeling of depression or the profound effects of covid. Displaying the same symptoms, as day 1 along with feeling tired not wanting to open my eyes at all. But could not sleep as my sinuses were terrible. Like someone is placing lots of bands around your head. 

Covid-19 texts from NHS

Day 4

No Smell Or Taste.




As I glanced keenly down looking at the text from hell, instantly confirming my direct results. Unspeakable terror came over me again, as I rang around and resending my text to my family and workplace. It was only day four and the genuine feeling of being alone by yourself is awful. I’ve never wanted a gentle hug so much. After crying myself to sleep as I gently woke up the fierce pain in my left hip was excruciating, as I moved. 
Yes, I had Covid-19 essential bits

Yes, I had Covid-19 essential bits

Day 6

No Smell & Taste.



For me, this was the worst day of all, as I lost my father-in-law to cancer. The guilty I still have for not to be there for my husband or my family is heart-wrenching. This was the worst thing about covid is you are left along with your thoughts, that you can not escape from! Still, no smell or taste but headache had disbursed along. Having no appreciate due to the no smell or taste, I lived on grapes. The trace and trace rang me and my family constantly it even felt like they were bullying us. They all contradicted each other giving us a variety of useless information.

Yes, I had Covid-19

Day 10


So on the 14th of October, I was finally allowed to venture from the house and back to work. My smell and taste had returned fully. So my final thoughts of covid-19, were for me the actual virus was not bad at all. I’ve had flu before, for me that was worst. (But everyone is different!)
It’s now the end of November and I have no side-effects from the virus except for feeling tired and having the feeling of anxiety in the chest as it has left me paranoid. However, as I’m at Beauty Threipst not one of my clients tested positive so for PPE does work. I made sure I protected everyone else except myself. Therefore, now I have a hand sanitiser with me at all time and try not to touch my face.
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K xxx.





  1. Beryl Bruce
    November 30, 2020 / 11:53 am

    Well done Kelly this made me very sad but am very pleased you got through it sending love and hugs to you xxxxxx

      November 30, 2020 / 12:39 pm

      Thank you so much lovely it’s from the heart and honest truth xx

  2. Amber
    November 30, 2020 / 2:42 pm

    Thank you for sharing your personal experience of Covid 19. What a horrible, hard 2020 you have had. Let’s hope 2021 is a lot better xx

      November 30, 2020 / 2:44 pm

      Hi lovely hope you and the family are well. It’s been hard for everyone 2020. I was in twos minds if I should write about it. But the response I have got is amazing. Thank you for your support always xxx

  3. May 27, 2021 / 8:50 pm

    Well, I am glad you survived it. Thanks for walking us through your process.

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