Acupuncture Treatment in Billericay Review


Acupuncture Treatment in Billericay Review

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It’s been a long time, since I have blogged anything. But I‘m back with a new beauty view on Acupuncture Treatment in Billericay Review. I‘m so excited to be willingly sharing with you this blog post about Cherry Willow Treatments. Rebecca is the beautiful owner of this holistic treatment room. With an awry of effective treatments to properly accommodate your specific needs

What Is Holistic.

Holistic treatments represents a specific form of healing that properly considers the whole body, mind, spirit and emotion well-being. On a whole its a lifelong quest for optimal health and wellness and gaining a proper balance in life..

Acupuncture Treatment in Billericay Review

Acupuncture Treatment in Billericay Review.

Cherry Willow Treatments is based in Crays Hill Billericay. As I promptly entered the room, it genuinely surprised me on how “Zen” the room felt. Rebecca is full of knowledge with lots of certificates on the wall showing her achievements in advance holistic treatments. We had a chat about my genuine concerns, which were feeling anxious, sluggish and unbalance. Plus the smile lines around my mouth.
Acupuncture Treatment in Billericay Review - tools

Acupuncture Treatment in Billericay Review – tools

We instantly decided on the Three Treasure Facial. Which is undoubtedly a truly fabulous treatment that helps to gently lift, tone and indeed helps with wrinkles plus gives your skin a heavenly glow. Incorporates facial acupuncture, guas sha to cool and contour. Then an abdominal massage. Then a Korean foot therapy, to finish cupping and more guas sha. 

Three Treasure Facial

What to except in  your facial, Rebecca like to tailor the treatment to your needs to this may differ to person to person. But as for my treatment the list is below.
Getting myself comfortable on the plush couch. The treatment started with carefully placing a towel over my legs and chest leaving my stomach exposed. A traditional cleanse followed by warm mitts to clear the face from product, Then a scrub brush was used to exfoliate my face. (Which I thoroughly enjoyed!)

Acupuncture Treatment in Billericay Review - jade roller

After the exfoliating brush I naturally had various types of jade rollers, one which was for bring blood to surface. Then the other to contour and calm, which genuinely felt like a lymph drainage massage. Following step was the Acupuncture needles. Having about 70 needles placed around my face and head. Having extra in my mouth lines, and the others were places around the face. Which traditionally represent the various orgasms around the body and typically promote excellent health and wellbeing.

Acupuncture Treatment in Billericay Review

Naturally falling to relaxation after all the sterile needles correctly were places in the precise places.I‘m not going to lie some of the Acupuncture needles were uncomfortable (not painful). But after they were placed into the skinI could not feel them. This is when I had a luxury stomach massage that helps with bloating and contour the stomach area. To follow with a Korean foot therapy which is a pressure point massage along with elements reflexology massage.

Acupuncture Treatment in Billericay Review

Acupuncture needles were carefully moved from the skin. To instantly follow with cupping of the face. Then to properly finish with a little oil and face jade stone to cool and contour the face this was like another gentle massage. Honestly after the whole treatment I have never felt so chilled and relaxed. I can not wait for my next treatment in 4 weeks with Rebecca. This treatment only cost £60.00 which I genuinely think is a fabulous affordable price for the incredible high quality treatment you are getting.

You can contact Cherry Willow Treatments by calling 07515 569023

My skin after acupuncture facial

I wanted to show a true photo of myself with no makeup or filter on my skin straight after treatment. As a 42 year old woman, which is more than happy with the results. Thank you Rebecca!
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