Do’s and Don’ts in Waxing

Do's and Don'ts in Waxing. 

It’s been a long time, and I have dearly missed you all so very much! Here is my new blog post on Do’s and Don’ts in Waxing. As I amassure you are already aware that there are two methods of waxing Hot Wax and warm waxing. With Hot wax this is applied directly to the skin and once cooled it is carefully removed. Hot Wax is only suitable for intimate areas, like the bikini and underarm areas. Warm Wax is applied directly to the skin traditionally using a spatula. Then using a fabric or paper stripe smoothed over the wax and then quickly removed pulling back against the hair.


Do’s and Don’ts in Waxing

Here are six things you can do’s before your waxing.


  1. Exfoliate the skin.

During waxing, hair gets pulled out of the skin pore right from the follicles i.e., the roots of the hair.This makes regrowth slower. But dirt and dust settled in these pores clogs them and instantly makes it tough for the hairs to get pulled out. To prevent this, exfoliate the area that you require to be wax with a store purchased or a homemade scrub. The scrub will through and up this will up for the to be instantly pulled out easier.

2. Moisturise.

This is absolutely the most effective way to maintaining the post-silky silky skin. Waxing removes the upper layer of the epidermis and revealing new softer skin. But it also removes the natural oils from the skin, So moisturiser is essential. I genuinely love using aqueous cream, which i have used since I was a teenager.

Do's and Don'ts in Waxing. 

3. Have a Warm Bath Before Treatment.

Please try and to have a tepid bath before waxing. As this will undoubtedly help to gently open the pores of the skin. Naturally causing the hair to be removed more easier.

take pain killers for waxing

4. Take Painkillers.

This may sound over the top, but this can really help. Before your waxing treatment promptly take a light painkiller, this will take the edge of the effective treatment. Plus you feel more relaxed and it should typically reduce the pain. You may not know that when you are more tense or stressed. It actually grips tighter to the hair follicles.

5. Wear Loose Clothing.

To feel more comfortable after your treatment. We would as therapists always recommend loose-fitting clothing to our clients. As your skin will be tender after your waxing.

6. Hair length.

This year in the salon I undoubtedly have notice that clients will book in a leg wax, and their leg hair is far too short. Your hair should be at least the length of a grain of rice. So no least than 4 weeks growths. Also, we all have to cycles of hair growth. Therefore, you may find you have the perfect wax after you third treatment.


Do’s and Don’ts in Waxing

Here are six things you can don’t’s before your waxing.

1. Avoid the Sun and UV Tanning.

After a fresh wax your skin will be extra sensitive. Therefore exposing the skin to the direct sun or UV tanning is not a brilliant idea. Your skin is raw and receptive and strong sunlight might typically make it more sensitive. You could even develop little burns or extensive irrigation.

2. Hungover.

It is common knowledge that alcohol has a dehydrating effect on the body and skin, so turning up to an appointment hungover could make your wax more painful. When your skin is dryer, your pores retract – the tighter your pores are, the tighter your skin will be holding onto your hairs, resulting in a more painful wax

Do's and Don'ts in Waxing. 

3. No To The Gym For 24 Hours.

Definitely make sure you allow a day off from the gym. To allow your skin to calm down. You don’t want to sweat as this can naturally lead to bacterial infections. Even redness and in-growing hair.

4. Time Of The Month.

We heartily recommend you do not book you waxing, when you are on your period. The skin is more sensitive, which is caused by lower levels of oestrogen.

5. Have A Qualified Therapist.

Also make sure your waxing therapist is completely qualified and insured. If you have un-experienced or doing a home wax treatment. There may be a chance that you will end up with some bruising or burns. This happens if you wax off the upper layer of the skin.

Do's and Don'ts in Waxing. 

6. No fragrance moisturisers. 

Stick with gentle, fragrance skin body washes and creams. Only just for the first couple of days after waxing, as the products can aggravate the skin. Some outstanding products are Australian Body Care.The wash and cream are fabulous for people who wax.


Thank you for reading my post on Do’s and Don’ts in Waxing. You may also like to check out my post on Acupuncture Treatment in Billericay Review

If you would like for me to do our waxing. You can book an appointment via GLO beauty and Tanning in Billericay. 


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